Wearable Clitoris & G-Spot Stimulator Remote Control Vibrator


The Wearable Clitoris & G-Spot Stimulator has a motor to stimulate the clitoris, while the other motor aims to massage the vagina. Double stimulation gives you more happiness than ever before. The two motors of the vibrator both have 10 vibration modes. Just change the vibration frequency through the power button on the device or the “+” or “-” on the remote control.

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    • Dual Motor&Double Excitement: Wearable Clitoris & G-Spot Stimulator are stimulated at the same time, you will help but want to scream. The clitoral massager part is covered by particles, increasing friction and giving you more sexual pleasure, you will reach orgasm more easily.
    • 15-25M Remote Control: It has a farther away remote control distance than other similar products. Try to take it out by hiding it in your vagina, on-street, in the office, perhaps at the cinema, let your partner control the accessory, you will experience sudden unexpected excitement anytime anywhere. But nobody can hear it, because it has a high-quality motor, then almost silent.
    • 10 Frequency Vibration and Ergonomic Design will constantly stimulate the clitoris and G-spot to help you reach orgasm. Feel free to switch modes to suit your love speed, enjoy more exciting game options.
    • 100% Silicone Waterproof Design lets you can enjoy the freedom of using the massager in the bath, shower, whirlpool, or anywhere you want. Medical silicone material, soft and skin-friendly, easy to clean, safe, and reliable.
    • Keep Secrets and Private Packaging: We will have a dedicated sealed box, unmarked packaging, a confidential delivery, and express orders without leaving any sensitive words.

Product Dimensions: 4.7 x 1.4 x 3.9 inches ; 3.84 ounces


5 reviews for Wearable Clitoris & G-Spot Stimulator Remote Control Vibrator

Ashwin bhadoriya

Honest from a real costumer review. Let me start with, My wife and I love this vibrator <3!
Honestly this is a very high quality toy, which is surprisingly hard to find for a good price.

The quality is top of the line. It’s silky smooth on the skin.
Its Quiet
It has 10 powerful vibrations

The wireless remote is perfect addition!! It states 15-25 meters, (for my Americans thats 50-80 feet)

Very good product. A must buy!

ashok mishra

So this little Gem arrived and I had to check it out… This comes with very basic instructions. Plug it in and let it charge for 2 hours and then you are good to go for at least an hour. I found that it ran longer than an hour and charge was still pretty good. There aren’t any instructions on the remote. It is small and simple and it is ran by a basic watch battery. It’s always difficult to know how big or small an item is by looking at a picture, so I measured it for the review.
The size is 4 in. length on the outer clitoris part from base to tip of the crown, and 4 1/2 depth for the soft/firm
G-Spot stimulator. It is relatively quiet, as far as toys like this are concerned… I wouldn’t say whisper quiet, but close enough. This toy packs a punch with 10 frequencies…Ramping up at number 5 and moving to different pulsating / vibrating sensations. You’ll get a different feeling depending on whether you are reclining back, legs are together or not, walking around or sitting straight up. I might add … oh wow!!! if you are just sitting straight up. If you plan on walking around, make sure you are wearing your granny panties, because it’s a little heavy and you aren’t keeping this secure with a thong. I would probably give this toy a 5 star review if it were just a little lighter in weight, but it is a great toy and I would purchase again.

lakhansingh surma

This is such a fun toy. I wore it to dinner with my boyfriend and handed him the control on his plate. When he figured it out he really enjoyed teasing me. I had many orgasms during dinner and great sex after returning home. I had some customer service questions after receiving product. They were quick to respond to all my needs.

Smita Tembhurnekar

You can walk around, clean your house, go out for date night, etc., and no one will ever know you’re wearing this except for you and/or your partner. Every setting is unique and fun. Usually I end up only liking 1 or 2 plain settings on vibes and they’re pretty boring, but this product is different and way better because of all the different patterns. And, there are two rotating motors inside it for vibration which is very, very awesome! As far as length goes, this is one of the shorter ones that are out there, which I do appreciate; however, it’s a little too long for me, but most of them are. Every body is different! It is very discreet under clothing, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing really tight yoga pants if you’re going out in public unless you have a long top on because it could look like you’re wearing a super long maxi pad or have a thick pubic bone. It’s quiet enough to wear in public but only if the ambience can mask the small vibrating noise it produces. For example, you could wear it to a busy bar on a Saturday night but I wouldn’t recommend wearing it to the grocery store on a Wednesday morning. “Silence can be deafening” except when you accidentally push the power button and it turns on in a quiet place: i.e., the grocery store on a Wednesday morning! And make sure you and your partner get very familiar with the feel of the remote and know which buttons are which, so that if you do find yourself in a quiet grocery store on a Wednesday morning you can turn it off instead of turning it up!

Tushar Pasari

There isn’t much to dislike about this product. It’s a fun toy to wear wherever you want to go because it’s waterproof and just so much fun when you’re walking. I’ve also found that I appreciate the settings because they varry on frequencies and not as much intensity, which was something I didn’t realize I would enjoy so much. Instead of having a change in the amount of vibration, it’s a change in the pattern. Also I’d like to point out that while you do have to turn on the device before the remote can be used you can still use the remote to switch the vibrations on/off after that. Also, the costumer service team replied quickly to questions by email. I wanted to ask about the remote because it isn’t rechargeable and I didn’t want to miss something obviously o break it by pulling it appart. They pointed out that the remote can be opened by applying a little force on the seam on it’s side. It runs on a common watch battery and one comes in the device ready to go.

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The Wearable Clitoris & G-Spot Stimulator stimulate her G spot while massaging the clitoris in a unique way

The Wearable Clitoris & G-Spot Stimulator has a motor to stimulate the clitoris, while the other motor aims to massage the vagina. Double stimulation gives you more happiness than ever before.

The two motors of the vibrator both have 10 vibration modes. Just change the vibration frequency through the power button on the device or the “+” or “-” on the remote control.

The bumpy body fits perfectly for the structure of the vagina, and every vibration hits your sensitive part.

  • 1. This product is for personal use. For your health, it is recommended not to mix it with others.
  • 2. Suggesting using the item with water-based lubricants to make everything slippery.
  • 3. Wash it with water after use, dry it, and place it in a cool place after that.
  • 4. If you feel uncomfortable, stop using it immediately.
  • 5. Try using it to touch your nipples, behind the ears, waist, and anus, explore sensitive parts of your body, and enjoy a passionate night. To see video tutorials visit YouTube.

USB Rechargeable Wearable Clitoris & G-Spot Stimulator

It charges with a USB cable. Blink when charging, and stop blinking when finished. Usually, it takes 2h to be fully charged, then it can vibrate continuously for 1h.

The remote is equipped with a button battery and can be changed for battery and apply a little force on the seam on its side.

  • How to use the remote:
  • 1. Turn on the vibrator by pressing its power key for 3 seconds.
  • 2. Turn on the remote by pressing its power key for 3 seconds.
  • 3.Press “+” or “-” to remote control the vibrator.

Ergonomic Design

Highest safety and satisfaction

Thanks to its ergonomic shape and smooth surface, the toy can be softly introduced to the feminine secret area.

Friction texture

The clitoris massager has raised particles that increase the vibration.

The thread design increases friction and promotes stimulation.

Therefore, Treediride’s vibrator can provide new pleasures anytime, anywhere!

A wearable sex toy gives you “stimulating happiness”

This heating butterfly vibrator can be hidden into briefs, and worn on various occasions, like being a part of your body.

Imagine that you are shopping or watching a movie and it suddenly shocked you with happiness, how exciting it is!

The remote control has 10 vibration modes up to 25 meters, providing you and your loved ones with many exciting game options. use Lubricant Gel.

100% Waterproof Design

Since the USB charging port is hidden by the silicone seal, the stimulator is 100% waterproof.

So you can enjoy sex with your partner in the pool, living room, balcony, bathroom, beach, or anywhere else.

Make your sex and libido completely independent, independent of your bedroom, and remain unaffected by the usual sex areas.

Don’t hesitate to enjoy this happy experience as soon as possible.

Discrete Package

We have the most discreet packaging rules to protect your privacy.

No one else will know anything about what you’re going to get.

Package includes:

1*wearable vibrator

1*remote control accessory

1*USB Charging cable

1*User Manual