157 CM Red Head Sex Doll


Red Head Sex Doll has carefully preserved her pureness, so she can give you the gift of her virginity when you make her yours and take her home. She may be naïve and innocent, but she is sensuous and sexy as well and aches for the touch of a strong pair of loving, male hands. She’s looking forward to finding my forever sweetheart here on the Silicon Wives website. We hope you’re the lucky one!

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Doll Measurements

  • Height: 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm)
  • Weight: 62 lbs (28kg)
  • Bust: 26 inches
  • Waist: 19 inches
  • Hips: 30 inches
Hole Depth (how deep each of her holes is)
  • Vagina: 6.7 inches
  • Anus: 6.7 inches
  • Mouth: 5.1 inches

9 reviews for 157 CM Red Head Sex Doll

Vijayakumar Rv

The doll came and was perfect. Flawless is as seen in the pictures. I must warn, however, that she is very heavy, and not easy to carry around. It is so easy to carry my real girl around the doll! In addition, she looked amazingly realistic. His holes were a little tight for me, because I am well endowed, and I was not even included. A lit … Read more


When I ordered my doll, I requested that I want it to look exactly the same in the photos. You guys did very well. she actually looks exactly the same in photos with make up and everything. She looked very alive when I saw her. You guys did very well! Thank you very much! I love her very much!


The doll arrived in a timely manner, good quality, no defects. I will definitely do business with sexy real sex dolls again.

Gopal Shenoy

This is very good. I take back anything negative I’ve never said about Chinese products! Now if I could only find him for cleaning the house.

Ramya Mohan

Yes, she had just approved his new home, and will be here by Christmas! I’m sure my three-year-old female boxer would like her, especially to see how she was doing her side of the bed! hahaha


Love at first sight! Hopefully I gave her a truly amazing experience for the first time, it was pure joy poking her into femininity, and Ohr’s experiences have become more intense each time together, she’s very much like a real woman Jiggles while we fuck


Its great. We have tried to imagine every situation and every time it is incredible. Her tight pussy just pulls that cum. I of you may not be able to put a baby into it, but definitely enjoy the effort. Have been Be careful she is a addict. We fuck twice a day at a slow pace, she needs it all the time! Well, Im to fuck her again!

Samarth Singh

really amazing. Everything packed well and no problem. He looks incredible and he feels incredible. Yes … I mean “seems” exactly how you think I mean: D

This is as much of a “real thing” as you will ever get. I have no regrets after what I experienced.

Be aware. She is heavy Deceptively heavy. You think 62lbs … pffff, who cares, it’s nothing! Well, you are wrong. 62lb weight is easy for life. 62lb, 5 foot long body …. no. it is not overly difficult … but it is a heavy weight and you should be aware. I layed it up and it wasn’t fun! Well …. so much fun after getting up … hahaha

Short story ….. you won’t be disappointed with this doll. It’s adorable and gorgeous that you’ll look better than any woman ever: P

Note: Pixels do not have outfits. Comes with pink dress.

Ambily K K

Breathtaking. Like the picture. Almost blew my mind. Short waist. Small fat breasts. Cow face. Nice little ass. Very well made and professionally done. Feels soft to the touch and almost identical to a woman’s figure and “jiggles”. Can’t thank you guys enough. I know what I’ll do tonight …. Giggit Giggit !!!

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157 CM Red Head Sex Doll

This Red Head Sex Doll is an attractive one with a body. This human real-life doll has a B-cup breast and a beautiful figure, ready to be your next girlfriend.

Hot Lean Body Red Head Sex Doll With Small Tits And Spicy Butt

It is developed by the famous WM Doll Sex Doll Company, you can be sure that the Red Head Sex Doll, is the real deal.

She attracts your attention everywhere. You just can’t assume its presence. She is greatly missed by her beautiful chisel-shaped face, glowing eyes, pulpy lips, soft B-cup breasts, and luxurious ass. Jasmine also has a flat belly and long hair which only serves to add icing to the cake.

Sexy and good fitness

In addition to being sexy, Red Head Sex Doll is a fitness trainer at one of the city’s high-end health clubs and spas, which explains a lot about how she is able to maintain such an amazing body. She enjoys spending her time in the gym and she credits it to helping her overcome obstacles in her life.

Red Head Sex Doll acknowledges that most of her clients are men, something that doesn’t bother her too much. “How can you retain your male customers and keep them in mind while you’re doing this right?” She takes a minute before reacting. “It’s tough, I have to admit, when I’m at work, I try to be as professional as possible, but it’s not always planned.”

She tells me that most of her workout sessions end with a raucous sexual encounter at the spa with one of her clients. “How can it be funny when you get to pay and sex at your workplace,” she jokingly asks. During the interview, I can only imagine what their male clients enjoy with such a gifted slave woman.

Red Head Sex Doll is Looking for You

Even after everything Jasmine has portrayed about her job, she is still looking for a man. “I think I need to have a man that I will represent and take care of,” she says. She wants a man whom she looks forward to going home to, a man who will dig deep and who is to be discovered, a courageous man and a man to take advantage of.

“I like a man who will take advantage of me, and punish me for the little things in the house.” I will be his beloved slave. ” it looks interesting. What do you think?

better than nothing

The Red Head Sex Doll is also willing to leave her job to get a man if so. She will take care of you, home, and will never persecute you. She doesn’t even care about your whereabouts you’re on the phone, or why you didn’t come home last night unless you turn around and slide into her when you’re around her. how amazing. right? You Can visit our YouTube Channel.

so what are you waiting for?

This gorgeous pleasure doll is fully articulated with a steel skeleton and movable joints, which are the most flexible sex dolls we have. Enjoy multiple sex positions with her, anywhere in the house.

  • This is not a cheap Blow Up doll! It is made of medical-grade TPE Silicone, soft and resilient nearly as real human skin. The internal metal skeleton is flexible enough to pose just like a real woman.
  • Unless specified by the buyer, the doll you purchase will be 100% the same as in the pictures (except the doll’s dress & accessories).
  • Your doll will be shipped in discreet, unidentifiable packaging, your privacy is protected
  • Order will be shipped out within 5 working days after receipt of your payment, usually, we don’t have inactive stock in the warehouse getting aging with dust. Your doll will be newly made by the factory after your purchase, it is brand new and fresh!
  • Please carefully read the user manual before using the doll. Please feel free to email us to ask questions before purchasing.
  • Do not forget to use Lubricant Gel.