Rechargeable Wireless Anal Beads With Dual Motor


The Paloqueth rotation Rechargeable Wireless Anal Beads features 7 vibration modes and 7 rotation modes. You can press the button in the base of the device to cycle through the 7 combinations of rotation patterns and vibration modes. But the remote control offers more options. Hold the power button on the remote until it lights up to turn on. The power button controls the rotations, while the bottom button controls vibrations.

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  • Discover a vibrating Butt plug and anal beads that jump to life with 7 powerful rotations and 7 intense vibrations to escalate your pleasure from Zero to anal hero in an instant.
  • This authentic design mimics the effect of anal beads, as it builds in girth along a well-crafted shaft to blast you with insane amounts of stimulation with an at-bar at the base to ensure peace OF MIND!
  • This vibrating anal plug is completely waterproof so you can use it while taking a shower or lounging in the tub. The watertight design makes the vibrator easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Dual motors can be controlled independently of each other so you can tailor sensations, they’re quieter than the average motor which gives you the Privacy you need to fully enjoy your new anal toy.
  • This anal sex toy is made of quality silicone, it’s hypoallergenic and latex-free for safe and healthy play every time while retaining its strength For solid penetration.

8 reviews for Rechargeable Wireless Anal Beads With Dual Motor

Ankit Gupta

This site never disappoints me with their fun & innovative toys. This is now my fifth product from them, and just like the other four, it has been very pleasurable to say the least! If you’re a beginner with anal massagers, I would highly recommend that you work your way up to this model & go with a smaller unit from Palequeth. But for the ones who aren’t, this one is definitely worth checking out. I love the rotation and vibration options and the remote is an excellent convenience. It will definitely put you over the edge once you find your rotation & vibration preferences. Therefore, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for outstanding anal pleasure! I give it a 5 star rating!

Rahul Malviya

This product is made very well, as all of their products are! It came in a beautiful box and was packaged nicely inside. I was surprised to see a remote! I don’t think this toy is good for beginners of anal play, though. It’s kind of a big toy to start with. I feel like it would be great for prostate stimulation, if you can work up to it! Would definitely recommend for more experienced users!


This is great butt plug! I found this toy very easy to use. First, the packaging is discreet and classy. The design of the toy itself is elegant and efficient. It has no openings so it will resist contact with water and soap during cleanup. The best part is the 49 different settings you can use to find the best combination of vibration and rotation to suit you! And the remote control prevents you from wasting time fumbling with any controls on the device itself, not to mention making it fun to have SOMEONE ELSE control it for surprise levels of excitement and pleasure! I highly recommend this product!

Nikhil Nair

The shipping was really quick and the packaging was discrete. The item came with a battery and a 25g water based lubricant which is great as it specifies that it is compatible only with water based lube. The item is smooth all over and around 1 inch in diameter with a flared base so it’s good for beginners. There’s a slight manufacturing smell but that goes away once you wash it in warm soapy water. There’s 7 rotation patterns and vibrations so it’s a lot to choose from. I like that it can be controlled using the remote that comes with it or using the power button on the bottom of the device itself. It makes for an interesting play and is probably one of my favorites at the moment.

Shobin Chawla

This is pretty cool. This isn’t my first anal vibrator, and actually isn’t for me, my girlfriend wanted to try anal (and didn’t want to share mine), and she liked this a lot. At first sight this is daunting, especially if you not had experience with this type of play, but we have and we were immediately excited upon arrival. We have no trouble with usage, and the controls were easy to pick up. She is very pleased 🙂

Sajid Ali Malik

This is one fantastic product. I bought several other toys from this vendor but this was hands down the best purchase I made. The toy has such a premium feel to it, I seriously cannot believe I got it for $30.00. The remote is incredibly useful because I like taking toys into the bath. The vibration and rotation is very powerful, and there are plenty of combinations to satisfy any craving. This toy exceeded my every expectation in every way. The company also includes a generous amount of water based lube for enjoyment right out of the box. The vibrator is large enough with tons of features for advanced users, but smooth and graduated enough for beginners to ease into.

devendra pandey

The vibe comes packaged discretely, and was delivered on time with zero issues. You can tell the company really does care about the quality of their product and the satisfaction of their customers. Clean up is also a breeze as well. A little anti bacterial soap and water is really all you need. And this one doesn’t get those weird water spots on it either. This is hands down one of my favorite new toys to use and I cannot wait to try out all of the different rotation and vibration mode combinations that are available. This thing is an all around winner!

Crissjon2446 (verified owner)

Best experience I have ever had buying sex toys from this store. They are truly good in these industries. This product is very good and best quality. I’m really very happy with my product.

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Rechargeable Wireless Anal Beads has 7 Rotations and 7 Vibrations for A Variety of Options

Combining the spinning Rechargeable Wireless Anal Beads along with intense vibrations, this is sure to be your favorite butt plug! Each rotation mode has 7 vibration patterns, which adds up to 49 different combinations. There’s a huge difference between the lowest and highest levels, which can radically change how it feels. Low intensity is great for gentle and discreet stimulation. High intensity leaves you shaking from head to toe when you hit the Big O!

Dual Motors Deliver Maximum Pleasure

There are two different motors inside the anal vibrator – one in the tip bead, and the other in the bottom. This provides your two most sensitive erogenous zones with the strongest possible stimulation to help you cum faster than ever! Each motor boasts different rotations and vibrations for you to try. With that, you can focus all those powerful vibration and rotation modes directly on your p-spot for maximum stimulation and pleasure! To see video tutorials visit YouTube.

Rechargeable Wireless Anal Beads With Remote Control

The Paloqueth rotation anal vibrator features 7 vibration modes and 7 rotation modes. You can press the button in the base of the device to cycle through the 7 combinations of rotation patterns and vibration modes. But the remote control offers more options. Hold the power button on the remote until it lights up to turn on. The power button controls the rotations, while the bottom button controls vibrations. Your lubricant.

Made from Smooth Silicone

Silicone is the ideal material for adult toys. Paloqueth’s premium silicone is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and perfect for people with latex allergies. It is tasteless, odorless, non-porous, and will not stain. This incredible butt plug provides a silky feel that increases in comfort as the material gently warms to your body’s natural temperature. Silicone is easy to clean as well, simply use soap and warm water to rinse clean.

Rechargeable for Endless Use!

Rechargeable via USB magnetic, you needn’t worry about batteries. Simply attach the magnetic charging pad to the cable to power up. The rechargeable anal vibrator can run up to 1 hour and takes 2 hours to fully recharge. Note: It comes with a wireless remote control which has a remote range of 30 feet, and it’s not rechargeable and it needs a 23A12V battery which is included in the package.

Rechargeable Wireless Anal Beads is Waterproof for the Aquatic Adventures

Use it in the tub or shower for even more spine-tingling orgasms you’ll remember! Paloqueth vibrating anal vibrator is 100% waterproof and fully submersible so you can feel the ripples of pleasure float through you in the bath, shower, or hot tub. For an exciting journey to anal pleasure that heightens your stimulation with every step, choose Paloqueth spinning anal plug!

Increasingly Graduated Beads to Explore

You will have a wild good time with this spinning butt plug! With 4.2 insertable inches in length, they’re prepared to go deep. But since these anal beads start out at 1.2-inch width and widen as you go further, you can take play as comfortably as you like. With a flat, T-bar base for prolonged safe and comfortable wear. When you combine the spinning beads with powerful vibrations, you’ll be seeing stars in no time!