Realistic 3D Textured Big Vagina & Anal Masturbator


This Realistic 3D Textured Big Vagina & Anal Masturbator copy from a real woman, super realistic. The masturbator has vagina and anal, you can enjoy more sex fun. Special design a through hole, very easy to clean. It can use as a trainer to improve your skills. When your girlfriend is not around, she will comfort you.

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100% body-safe---Made of high-quality TPE, soft & pliable material. non-toxic,  odorless,  safe to use
Super Realistic--- Vivid labia, Realistic 3D textured and ribbed tunnel stimulation on the dick with each thrusting, brings you the marvelous sexual experience.
Handheld---proper size, not too big or too small. comfortable to hold and use.
Easy clean---best effect with lube, easy to wash after use.
Discreet packing---Stored in a top grade gift package, keep your privacy.

The product will be a great choice for you:
1, Copy from a real woman, super realistic.
2, The masturbator has vagina and anal, you can enjoy more sex fun.
3, Special design a through-hole, very easy to clean.
4, It can use as a trainer to improve your skills.
5, When your girlfriend is not around, she will comfort you.
6, Novelty gift for others.

Material: Medical Grade TPE
Color: Flesh
Product size:7.48*7.09*3.94 inches
Net Weight:3.57 lbs

5 reviews for Realistic 3D Textured Big Vagina & Anal Masturbator

Rahul Pathak

So the toy itself is on the smaller side but that isn’t a bad thing, As they have the XL version is you’d prefer a larger more realistic size.

The cyberskin silicone they use feels amazing to the touch and makes it feel realistic, And the 2 holes have unique textures so they don’t feel the same.

It’s really easy to clean, I personally take it in the shower and clean it with warm or hot water and then use a toy cleaning product to disinfect it just incase.

Overall I’m a fan of this product and the Company. I highly recommend for you to try this product.


This male masturbator is super soft and realistic and it comes in discreet package. The build quality is good and should last awhile. It’s nice be a use you can use it in diffrent positions. It’s the perfect size, same with the weight also. With the right lube it feels almost like the real thing! I would definitely recommend this sex toy!

Taranjeet Khalsa

Fast delivery and a excellent product.!! Feels great, easy to clean, multiple ways to have fun. I definitely recommend this product, you will not be disappointed.!


First of all this is a fairly large and heavy toy, about ten pounds when I hold it while standing on my bathroom scale. The opening and mound are about the same size as my girlfriend (bonus!) and the lips stretch around you when you go in. Very realistic indeed. The inside also feels great, so much like a real pussy it’s amazing. It’s large enough that it will more or less stay put if you set it on the edge of the bed and go at it. The two butt cheeks are of course smaller than life size, but they are substantial, about a C or D cup if you hold them like breasts. In fact they are shaped a lot like breasts too. I use water based lube, and it is easy to get inside to clean with mild soap and water. I could go on, but the bottom line is this – this toy looks like the real thing, and it feels like the real thing. You will enjoy it!

punit toppo

The feelingirl male masturbator 3d silicone is a lot of fun and very pleasurable. The silicone gives it a realistic feel. I have a silicone doll and I would say this is an affordable alternative that might very well be a better choice than a doll. For example it’s more portable than a doll. They both feel the same. This feelingirl 3d masturbator comes ready to use. Holes are just the right size and it’s easy to clean. Only negative is the box is in chinese and so are the instructions. Also they paint the vagina a reddish powder and that comes off pretty quickly so I don’t see the point in that. Overall I give the product 5 out of 5 stars and I highly recommend.

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