Powerful Rechargeable Wand Massager 5 Vibration Modes


The Powerful Rechargeable Wand Massager is a therapeutic massager with various functions. You have 3 powerful speeds and 5 vibrating intensities to choose from to satisfy your own needs. Whether you choose a lower speed to soothe tight muscles or a higher speed for deep tissue massage, you are sure to find a sensation that is perfect for your needs.

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  • OPTIONAL PATTERNS: There are 3 speeds and 5 vibration modes available for your options - whether you prefer a gentle relaxing massage experience or an intense deep tissue massage, it’s always an ideal body massager for easing away sore muscles!
  • POWERFUL MASSAGER: The electric massager offers unbeatable power for body massage. It delivers intense and focused vibrations with every touch from head to toe, giving you an incredible full-body relaxation.
  • FLEXIBLE HEAD: The head of the wand massager is quite flexible to bend to joint your body, this design makes it possible to use all over the body to relieve your muscle tension from a sore neck, shoulders, back, legs, and down to feet.
  • SAFE MATERIAL: The handle of this massager is made from firm ABS plastic while the head is covered in a hygienically medical-grade silicone which is very soft, smooth, and skin-friendly.
  • USB RECHARGEABLE: Charging over USB makes this handheld massager very versatile and travel-friendly. You’ll never have to spend extra money on batteries as it runs up to 4 hours on a single charge.

5 reviews for Powerful Rechargeable Wand Massager 5 Vibration Modes

Renuka Pathak

I wanted to review this quick, because it surprised me in a number of ways. Compared to a well known brand that has a cordless vibrator that is much more expensive (I own it) I thought this massager would be a so so product because of it’s cheaper price, that I could use as a back up.
The first thing that I noticed was its weight. Its heavier, felt very sturdy so that surprised me. Then using it, its powerful. My job I lift heavy objects most of the day, so my back and shoulders get wrecked. This thing did a great job loosening them muscles up. Imo, this massager is better than my other one that cost me double the price.


Wow. You guys. WOW.
Years ago I had a pricey electric wand. You know the kind that keeps you somewhere near a plug and you or your partner can get tangled in. I let it overheat, and it died.

This toy is probably just as strong, for a third of the price. No obnoxious cords. And it lasts for hours. Be still, my heart!

Charging takes a few hours, then it’s good to go. Easy to clean, incredible texture. Multiple fun vibration options.
Customer service is great- Amira made sure I was happy with my wand.

The only con I have is that the buttons take a bit of pressure to push. My partner thinks they’re fine, but I use my fingernail.

Mayank Saraf

I love this product, and I love this brand! I spent some time researching a few different wands, as I wanted something powerful but also something that would not break the bank. This toy is exactly it! It is by far the most powerful toy that I own, and I love the sleek color scheme and material. It came in very discreet packaging, and includes the massager, charger cable, instruction manual and even a little carrier bag for the wand itself.

Swati Ojha

Another great thing about this wand is that it comes with a one year warranty, I appreciate this because many of my toys in the past have broken after a few uses, but that’s no problem here! Overall, this is a fantastic wand if you are looking for something powerful, quiet, and affordable! 🙂

Rajil Soni

The Box: The box is discreet. Inside there is a beautiful fine mesh pouch, as you can see on my photo (I have put a battery next to the wand just to give you an idea about the size).
Material: Body is made of a good quality, glossy plastic. The head and neck are made of soft flexible, rubberlike material , feels good to touch. The neck is flexible, which is good, so that you can control the angle while applying the pressure.
Operation: the wand has no cord, so it does not tangle anywhere both before, during and after the party. You are free to move in any way that you like. It has several speeds to choose from, from low to high. It also has several vibration patterns, so it is not just like on and off, but rather different types of vibration, so that you adjust it to your own preferences.
Conclusion: Great staff, recommend both as a massager and a fun toy for your pleasure. So far Paloqueth keeps producing some great staff at a fraction of price of highly promoted brands. So will be shopping again with Paloqueth.

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Powerful Rechargeable Wand Massager has Intense power & flexible head for better comfort

The Powerful Rechargeable Wand Massager’s strong power is concentrated in the head, allowing you to focus on a single point for maximum comfort. Or you can spread the comfort out by rolling the massager up and down your body. The head is so flexible that it can be curved, bent, and otherwise contoured to your neck, shoulder, leg, or whatever area you wish to massage.

Powerful Rechargeable Wand Massager has Different modes for multiple functions

The wand massager is a therapeutic massager with various functions. You have 3 powerful speeds and 5 vibrating intensities to choose from to satisfy your own needs. Whether you choose a lower speed to soothe tight muscles or a higher speed for deep tissue massage, you are sure to find a sensation that is perfect for your needs. Use Lubricant Gel.

Body safe material concern for your health

The handle of this wand massager is made from ABS and features a silicone control panel. The massaging head itself is made from silicone which is phthalate-free and latex-free. As the silicone is very soft and smooth to touch, with every glide, you will love how the silky material of the item surface pampers your skin.

USB rechargeable, portable size for travel

This wand massager is cordless, USB rechargeable, and compact. All of these features make it the perfect massager to use and carry out, with no outlets to hunt down or cords to tangle and tether you. You can easily take the massager in your luggage wherever you travel to and plug it into any USB socket to enjoy a massage after a tiring day. More visit YouTube Channel.

Simple operation for your convenience

This wand massager is designed handheld and controlling it couldn’t be easier. There are only two buttons on the panel, simply press the power button for about 3 seconds, it will start to work. If you require a stronger approach, press 1 second again on the power button to gain intensity or you can press the vibration button to relax you more.