PILLOW doll inflatable full-body sex doll


  • Material –  High-quality ABS material
  • Length  –   64 inches ( 162.5cm)
  • Waist   –    40 inches ( 101.6cm)
  • Weight   –  520g
  • Color –       Transparent
  • Repeat Use –  Yes
  • Washable    –  Yes
  • Accessories –  Electric pump, sleeves, boobs, and lubricant

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  • Awesome stimulation feeling
  • Wonderful enjoyment and pleasure
  • Vagina or anal masturbation capacity
  • More pleasurable and enjoyable sex doll with beautiful looking


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PILLOW  doll inflatable full-body sex doll

PILLOW DOLL full body sex doll is a beautiful sex doll for men so we can say it is a sex toy for men. This type of sex doll is made with a pillow so you can use it in the bedroom as a partner for sexual activity.

This is an amazing sex toy because it is life like an enormous sex doll. So beautiful and fabulously soft as well as flexible owing to the exceptional quality of materials. You can feel wonderful sexual enjoyment with this doll.

This sex doll has a lot of features to give you a great experience for having a masturbator. You can enjoy with its real soft pussy and ass that would get you real women-type pleasure.

It has soft body parts such as squeezable breasts with life-like nipples so you feel great in your hands like a wild love-making mindset. You must be impressed with this enjoyment because you never feel it is a non-living object.

This sex doll comes with a detachable pussy so you take easy inflation during insert your penis in it. The most amazing thing about this sex doll it has complete packing for you so men can easily attract with and never feel bored at so many times of use. Beginners or experienced users can take more pleasure and enjoyment with this sex doll.

It is made the best quality material so it never feels the bad effect on your genitals. It can help to achieve orgasm with great stimulation capacity with 100% safe material made of medical-grade TPE, there is no smell and it is eco-friendly.

Must apply with proper sex lubricant for smooth penetration. Sex lubricant can remove friction between the penis and its pussy. You can also use condoms for more enjoyment and pleasure.

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