Male G-Spot Prostate Massager with 8 Vibration Modes


Male G-Spot Prostate Massager With 8 amazing settings of vibration, pulsation, and escalation, you’ll be able to find the perfect setting to give you that orgasm you crave. You’ll likely need to get accustomed first, but over time, more and more sensations will come.

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  • It has a very ergonomic fit that stays in and does not come out when walking around like the other ones that say they can but don't.
  • The 8 different settings on it are absolutely mind-blowing, and it gives you an incredibly intense anal, prostate & testicle sensation when you use it.
  • Paloqueth prostate massager is great for couples to play, whether straight, gay, or anything in between if you want to diversify your bedroom activities. and if you're single, you'll love it too!
  • It improves blood flow to the prostate, which increases circulation. This can help with sexual dysfunction, such as loss of erections, impotence, or ejaculatory problems.
  • The shape and fit are perfect in & out! 4 insertable inches and 3.3 Inch circumference make it great for all levels of experience.

6 reviews for Male G-Spot Prostate Massager with 8 Vibration Modes


I have been using prostate massagers for a few years now. This is the sixth prostate massager I own and has quickly made it up to one of my favorites.

As always with prostate massagers the key is patience, you can’t force a Super O. You must relax and let the sensations inside of you take the steering wheel, the more you relax the more the sensations will build pushing you into Super O’s. This toy is unique because it provides three different vibrating pleasure points and they really help with the involuntary muscle contractions that will push you into the Super O’s.

It’s a bit on the bigger side so you might have to work your way up to this one, but once you do I believe they provide even more pleasure because it puts more pressure on the prostate.

It comes with a lube shooter, which is a must use for mobility of the massager.


Holy Cow!!!! I am a single guy that needed to change things up a little bit. I checked various toys out on this site and found this one intriguing! The day I received it I gave it a whirl. I lubed it and myself up and took it for a spin. I had some challenges keeping it in and it was pleasant but not overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed it but realized it was probably over lubed.. Well today I decided to take it for another spin but this time I used the Lube Shooter instead. I loaded it up and it inserted really easily. I had read reviews of a sharp edge on the shooter, not on mine!! It was really easy and no mess at all. Well the massager is not too big and slid right in causing a great big grin!!! The texture feels really good! When I turned it on with less lube the vibrations felt stronger, both inside and out. I kept cycling through the little remote and also read to adjust the unit itself as there are differences. I found the vibrations stronger when controlled from the unit itself. Bliss is the best way for me to describe it. It caused me to want to relax more and just enjoy the ride. Well the ride lasted for quite a long time and when the explosion came, it was the strongest and farthest I experienced in a long time! I have read the more you use it the more the experience intensifies…..I’m looking forward to that!!!


This was my first time using a prostate massager. The included lube shooter was a tremendous help, and my wife had no trouble inserting the toy for me. She was a big fan of using the remote control and random on me.
– The remote control range is pretty good compared to a remote-controlled vibrator I used on my wife recently. No issues with “missed commands”.
– The sensation is very strong, and the design allows the toy to reside right where it needs to be.
– The different vibration settings make for a lot of interesting sensations.

Bipin Makwana

This vibrator is extremely powerful and fun! My wife and I love using this toy together and it’s been an amazing must-have for partner and solo play! I was very impressed with the ergonomic shape – the toy fit my body perfectly and hit all the right spots! I’ve purchased two great prostate massagers from this site in the past but what really set this one apart is how stimulating and overwhelming the dual motors can be. The two motors are strong and since they work independently it’s extremely easy to put things over the top (especially with remote play)!

This was an easy 5 stars because the functionality that comes with the remote and vibration settings really set this toy apart and make it a must-have. It’s definitely one of my new go-to toys and I highly recommend it! You really get a lot of value with this toy for the price and it will definitely deliver!

Bhushan Talati

The product arrived on time in a discrete package and a sealed wrapped box. Inside the box the product and remote were securely inside. It had no smell and appeared clean and soft to the touch. The item itself is quite flexible, easily moved so that you can adjust it as you need. The motor was very strong!! I was surprised by the power, and very delighted! I know that this item has been advertised for a male, but as a female I found it to be amazing. It has the capability to stimulate all the most amazing spots. I plan to take very good care of this one and have it for a long time. Thank you, Thesextoysindia.


This product is amazing! Very powerful motors in the shaft and both external stimulators make sure you have a wonderful ride. The nub and shaft have 8 vibration modes and the hook has 8 vibration modes that can make over 60 different combination s. It also is made of a high quality silicone that is very easy to clean and waterproof. Overall a great product for anyone who wants to experience the power of the prostate

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Male G-Spot Prostate Massager has 2 Intense Motors for Perfect P-Spot Testicles Stimulation

The intense, dual-motor technology stimulates your prostate and perineum while hugging your testicles in tight for mind-blowing waves of sensations running up your body. We’re excited for you to try this! Male G-Spot Prostate Massager has 8 Different Vibration Modes for Intimate Satisfaction With 8 amazing settings of vibration, pulsation, and escalation, you’ll be able to find the perfect setting to give you that orgasm you crave. You’ll likely need to get accustomed first, but over time, more and more sensations will come.

Male G-Spot Prostate Massager Made with Medical-Grade, Hypoallergenic Silicone

Best of all, your new male toy is super easy to clean. It’s made with non-porous silicone so it won’t harbor any dust. Simply wash it with warm, soapy water, or water-based toy cleaner.

Wireless Remote Control for Hands-Free Enjoyment

Use the wireless remote control to perfectly control the vibrational strength and speed and it can be used up to 15 meters away. Hands-free prostate stimulation has never been this easy! use Lubricant Gel.

Deliver different sensations that satisfy both men and women

The curved massager creates different sensations that send pleasure to the max. Use it to massage your sweet spot, or experience exciting prostate pleasure when inserted anally. Visit YouTube.