Lifelike Big Vagina Masturbator And Tight Butt


this Lifelike Big Vagina Masturbator is out to bring great fulfillment and pleasure to every of your sexual need, they were perfectly molded to standard –each representing a perfect mimic of the real anatomy.

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  • TWO SEXY HOLES: this vagina butt comes with two irresistible dual entry, designed in two separate tight channels, just like that of a virgin, to give you an unimaginable pleasure.
  • LIFELIKE VAGINA 3D INTERIOR STRUCTURE: the vagina and anus hole are incredibly tight and stretchy. The interior of the vagina is textured with large pimples and fleshy roughness that rubs against your cock.
  • BOOTY STYLE: the option has an attractive sexy booty design that will blow your mind away, with a realistic soft texture that allows you to enjoy lifelike sex pleasure. This doll helps you explore the missionary style and doggy style to the fullness, and of course, make you experience the perfect orgasm.
  • CLEAN EASY: this doll was molded with medical Silicone that is easy to clean and works perfectly with water-based lubricants. This option is very unique, supple, elastic, plus, does not contain latex and phthalate.
  • DISCREET PACKING: we value the privacy of our clients. So a special sealed box has been set out for the purpose of delivery, they are shipped expressly and confidentially without any trace of suspicious tags/words.

Size : 9.4 X8.6 X 4.3 Inches


5 reviews for Lifelike Big Vagina Masturbator And Tight Butt

hariom sinha

The package was heavier than I expected. The size is the same as advertised. Please note that it is not the same as a real adult butt. However, I like the texture and the sensation I get when grabbing onto it. It feels really realistic. The two holes openings are soft and easy to penetrate. I like the different internal textures of the two holes which give me different options/sensations. I personally like the anal hole better.
It’s easy to clean with warm water. I recommend though cleaning before and after use. I also used lubricant each time I use it.
Overall, it’s a good product. I just wish it’s more real adult size.

Abhinav Jain

The doll is very soft and very real. You will need to get lubricant to use it, otherwise it is too tight. overall worth the price

Mohnish Wakte

Convenient, soft, feels like the real thing. Bought for partner and he rather enjoyed it. Do use lube (which it does come with), and have fun! Men of the more endowed side of things this works better than a fleshlight or pocket pussy!

Deepak Dhande

This is an amazing product and will not let you down. Very realistic feeling.
This is the best masturbator I have ever used. It is way better than my hand. The vaginal openings gives real feeling. You should always use lube while using it to get that natural sensual feeling.
Each entrance is separate and they do not combine in the end. It is soft and has good weight to it and overall very well made. The inside is tighter even though it is softer material from outside.
I am super happy with product and would recommend this masturbator for anyone looking for near real life masturbating experince.

vikas sharma

This toy is incredibly soft, realistic, and bouncy. It feels amazing, and is great to use by yourself or with a partner. Each canal is textured differently for 2 different experiences. They are both tight, and very realistic. There is no drainage hole, which 1. Makes it harder to clean, but 2. Simulates a slight suction feeling. If you are looking for a moderately priced toy that does the job of a top tier one, this is the one for you.

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Enjoy sexual bliss like never before – this Lifelike Big Vagina Masturbator is out to bring great fulfillment and pleasure to every of your sexual need, they were perfectly molded to standard –each representing a perfect mimic of the real anatomy.

The vagina hole looks seductive, the interior is made of Silicone materials, which gives it a very soft texture, just like the real interior of a vagina, and they are very elastic-like that of a virgin, fully ecological, silky, with irregular convex inner particles and curves. All these qualities join to uncover an unimaginable sexual pleasure –you sure don’t want to miss out on this experience.

This option is firm, tight, and handy, It feels so natural and pleasurable when touched; you’ll assume it’s the real thing, and you can position it easily on a surface without having to hold it with your hands like the smaller tubular option.

Lifelike Big Vagina Masturbator

This persuasive doll serves you better than others and can be reusable for hundreds of times without getting torn, plus they are super flexible and durable. Use Lubricant Gel.

This Lifelike Big Vagina Masturbator has a very tight virgin vagina that will satisfy your sexual fantasy and urge, No doubt, you’ll enjoy every moment of pleasure with this product. The package is made ready for your ultimate sensual pleasure. It’s easy to clean and easy to use.

How does it work? You can start by grabbing the butt or caressing her gently, then press the pliable flesh softly and then insert your dick, the rest of the process is full of pleasure.

We are determined to offer you top quality products, in a safe, casual, thrilling, and gratifying approach, because we believe sex is private and should be enjoyed expressly without any sense of guilt or judgment.

Now, you can switch in with whatever mood you are in and transform that mood into pleasure with this high-quality sex virgin Lifelike Big Vagina Masturbator. Visit YouTube