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Doc Johnson Butt Plug For Smooth Anal Play


This Doc Johnson Butt Plug is used in the anal area for sexual stimulation either on its own or when used during sexual activity with a partner. This Classic anal dildo is presented in an attractive black color and is the medium size. The overall length is 5.5”, with insertable length measuring at 4.5”. The girth at the widest point is 5”. The tip is rounded for comfortable and easy insertion. The dildo length is tapered to reach the widest point at the bottom, giving a fully satisfying experience every time.

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The bottom of the anal dildo has a flared base for safety and complete peace of mind during use. This Classic Anal Dildo is made from Sil-A-Gel, which is a fully body-safe and comfortable material. It is latex and cadmium-free, as well as being anti-bacterial and odorless. It is a high-quality, trustworthy material for your anal dildo. It’s really flexible, meaning more comfort during use. This anal dildo can be used by persons of either gender and any sexuality. Use it alone or during sex with your partner for waves of exciting sexual stimulation! It’s even fully waterproof meaning you can enjoy the pleasure beyond the bedroom, in the bath, or shower too. The Classic Anal Dildo is available in a variety of colors and sizes for perfect fit and feels every time. Visit YouTube.

  • Medium size anal dildo in black color
  • 5.5” length, 4.5” insertable
  • Tapered shape for comfort and easy insertion
  • Flared base for safety during use
  • Sil-A-Gel material which is anti-bacterial and latex-free

6 reviews for Doc Johnson Butt Plug For Smooth Anal Play

vasant bhumarker

For beginners this would be total hell to experience once you insert it. I usually use 1.5 size plugs but this was more of a 2.3 or 2.4 size plug. At first I thought I could never put it in but I just kept trying and trying. It only took me 4 days to get my anus to take it thanks to the help of my dildo and lots of lube. Once inside the new feeling was so intense, the stretch was real and I did had a tiny amount of blood in my ass but the feeling was great. What Dr Johnson need to do it make a 1.75 size plug.

Deepak Dubey

Awesome plug that stretches you to get in then is comfortable to wear without going too far. It has a softer feel that conforms better than a rigid plug yet is very filling. I’m able to wear it all day feeling the pleasure of the fullness without concern of it coming out or going in.

abhishek tiwari

This was bigger than I though it was going to be, but boy does it do the trick. Its soft enough to be comfortable, but firm enough to get to where youre going. I was really happy with this.

Rohit Pawar

Pretty standard butt plug it’s not too thick so be good for beginners. The flared base became uncomfortable between my cheeks after only about a half an hour maybe my cheeks are too skinny. The last plug i bought was too big to be comfortable and this one is a little too small for me so hopefully my next purchase will be right on the money.

Archana Kulkarni

This is a big boy and I could not accommodate both of us upon first attempt in spite of using gobs of Crisco. Easy to clean, well built, placed him in the toy drawer for my husband and me to use together. Good product, great toy, not for novices.

Gurdeep singh sall

I purchased the Large plug, and I must say, this is my favorite anal toy that I’ve tried.

The plug is 2 1/4 inches at it widest point, and it is definitely a stretch. I have a set of 5 anal dilators that I used to help me gauge up to larger sizes, but this plug still takes some time to work in. Having said that, it is absolutely worth it. As a guy, it provides near constant stimulation to the prostate. I just wish that this thing vibrated.

The actual design of this plug is excellent. The taper allows fairly easy insertion, the mid section is long enough and thin enough that once its in, it will stay in, and the base is strong enough and wide enough to ensure that the toy will not slip inside you.

I would definitely buy this again.

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