Big Tight Ass Masturbator Vagina & Anal Sex


Stop dreaming about what this Big Tight Ass Masturbator perfect butt would feel like and start cumming already! This doll has a perfectly cast penetrable vagina and anus for varied pleasure and they also look very seductive. One open end ensures amazing masturbation for any length and makes clean-up easy, while the other closed-end provides an even tighter sensation than when you stroke!

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  • Made from a new soft-touch TPR material, the Big Tight Ass Masturbator sex toy is ready to satisfy all of your fantasies!
  • Features realistic, hand-painted detail with perfect pink pussy lips and pink tunnel for the most authentic experience.
  • Plunge inside her tight little ass or plump pussy lips. Her two distinct ribbed canals offer twice the stimulation and twice the excitement.
  • Inside each canal, you'll experience an array of stimulating textured nubs, grooves, and ribbing to enhance sensations.
  • One open end ensures amazing masturbation for any length and makes clean-up easy, and the other closed-end gives a tighter sensation than ever when you stroke!

Size: 9.1 x 6.3 x 4.2 inches

5 reviews for Big Tight Ass Masturbator Vagina & Anal Sex

Lalit Bandil

I love this thing, my first immediate thought was a weird size… but the more I think/use it, I actually really like the size. It does not feel weird and actually prefer it over other similar toys. Multiple holes give multiple feels, great to change between them and make a night of it.

Super easy to clean as well, the hole on the top makes it especially easy to run water through and clean.

Absolutely love this. Worth the money.

Lokesh Yadav

Where to start… Ever get tired of being yelled at when you “accidentally” slide it where the sun don’t shine? Ever get pelted with heavy objects because you flipped em over too fast?

Well fear not! Your new wife has arrived!! She doesn’t complain! She doesn’t scream at you! She doesn’t even have the arms to throw things! Meet, the best thing to ever happen to you since your dad told you he was proud of you when you were 7!

Not only does this thing feel better than the real version, it’s smaller and easily stuffed into a travel bag. No more awkward interviews with customs! The material is fairly stretchy and gives off a very premium heft and elasticity. The holes expand without much grief, and feel amazingly tight.

Cleaning is fairly simple as well. The “baby maker” has a drainage hole on the back side, and the rear entry is just a closed end tube. Fill it up with water and cleaning solution, and make sure to drain. Easy peasy.

To sum it all up, if you want an “O” that will feel like Jesus himself came down to give you a high-five and an atta-boy, buy this now!

Sanjay Singh Morawat

Before even opening the package I knew I got my money’s worth just by how much it weighed. The package was very discreet which is much appreciated. Upon opening I knew my assumption was correct. Though obviously not a “full size” doll the vagina itself is a very accurate replica. The lips are fleshy, slightly stretchy just like the real thing (I’m aware not all vaginas are created equal). Of course it’s a good idea to do some investigating before inserting your penis anywhere strange.. feeling inside I was impressed with how accurate the internals were to a real vagina. **Ladies, if you’re buying this for your man, it’s an excellent training tool for finding the G spot because it indeed is prominent in this toy** As for using the toy as it’s intended, It looks and feels so real I’m genuinely impressed. Despite possessing more extravagant toys, this ones simplicity and accurate visuals make it appealing and is currently my “go to” toy. Cleanup is a breeze!

Dharmendra Singh

I’ve bought so many product from this site and as always they are very discreet with their packaging. Not only that, but they have amazing online support staff. Amira in particular was very good about answering any queries and questions I might have had- all in all a great company.

As for the product itself:

Visually the color between the legs sort of permeates out, but the lips themselves are perfectly colored so I’m quite happy with that aspect in general. It has a very nice heft to it- almost requires two hands and is very nice to the touch. The anatomy of it is also pretty lifelike!

As for usage this thing outdid my expectations!

The weight of it adds an extra bit of satisfaction- not to mention it is nice to look at, and the interior textures are wonderful. I’d just about put it on par with the real thing.

Cleaning the upper track is easy as it runs straight through, although that does also mean someone with some length could pop out the other end, but that doesn’t do anything to diminish the sensation.

Cleaning the rear track is a bit more difficult, but definitely worth the extra effort. As it does not bore all the way through it provides more suction.

Overall this is an incredible toy, especially for the price!

Highly recommend you give it a shot if you’re on the fence!


One of the best toy’s I’ve used so far. I loved the weight and discrete packaging it came in. I love that all the toys come with a small sample of lube which was a plus as I’ve ordered other brands that didn’t come with any at all. I’m surprised at how nice it is for the price point and overall really enjoyed it so far. I love the differences between the two holes, and can actually tell the difference between them. Definitely recommend this doll for anyone looking a new toy for the bedroom, a must have!! 5 stars….

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Big Tight Ass Masturbator internal texture for intense stimulation

Take this juicy booty out of the box, and slap her pink, round buttocks and listen to the sound it makes—it jiggles and feels just like one of those insane bubble butts you see on the screen! The Big Tight Ass Masturbator vagina and anus holes are incredibly tight and stretchy. The interior of the two canals is textured with large pimples and fleshy roughness that rubs against your cock.

Enjoy the benefits of different ends of Big Tight Ass Masturbator

Stop dreaming about what this girl’s perfect butt would feel like and start cumming already! This doll has a perfectly cast penetrable vagina and anus for varied pleasure and they also look very seductive. One open end ensures amazing masturbation for any length and makes clean-up easy, while the other closed-end provides an even tighter sensation than when you stroke!

Soft masturbator for a lifelike experience

Resembling the softest skin, this Big Tight Ass Masturbator feels lifelike to the touch and is adorned with super realistic detailing including lovely plump labia and a petite penetrable anus. You can switch in with whatever mood you are in and transform that mood into pleasure with this high-quality realistic sex doll. What are you waiting for? Come and get this beauty! Use Lubricant Gel.

Easy to clean This Big Tight Ass Masturbator

Crafted from a soft TPR material, the realistic sex doll is extremely elastic, supple, and with an opening on the other (vagina) end that makes cleanup a breeze. Using warm water or your favorite sex toy cleaner, be sure to run water thoroughly through the holes. Leave the product to dry before using a renewal powder to keep this masturbator in the best condition.

Discreet packing help protect your privacy

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