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Anal Play Butt Plug Purple Anal Plug For Women


Are you looking for a butt plug that you can use for your first anal adventure? Then go for this Anal Play Butt Plug! This flexible, purple butt plug with a butterfly pattern and the suction cup are a real must-have. It is made of smooth and flexible material whereby the anal plug is easy to use. Total length 7 cm, inserting depth approx. 6 cm. o 0.5 to 2.5 cm. Material: TPE, phthalate-free according to EU regulation REACH.

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  • Combine with shower hose
  • Suitable for anal and vaginal use
  • Never too high water pressure
  • Material: TPE
  • The total length of 7 cm

6 reviews for Anal Play Butt Plug Purple Anal Plug For Women


I had never used a butt plug before this purchase but having played around with some larger toys I decided to go straight for own large plug. Out of the box the product looks great, the material is really soft and feels good to the touch. The first time I used it I did so without the vibrator as I had forgotten to get batteries and simply couldn’t wait to try it out. I generously applied anal lube to the plug and myself then began to ease it inside. The shape of the plug helps with insertion as it reaches its huge girth gradually. It took a bit of persistence but after a little while I felt the plug slip inside, and wow, this toy left me feeling full. The handle means that it can be left in while you wander around without fear of losing it and makes cleaning the flat far more enjoyable.

Shubham joshi

This butt plug’s circumference bigger then the medium version, making it a bit more of a challenge. But not too much of an upgrade so you won’t be jumping up a size too fast. It’s just right.As I’m used to the medium I found the large went in without too much trouble. Just make sure you used plenty of water-based lube.I love using this toy during sex or when my partner gives me oral. It intensifies your orgasm, making it much stronger and who doesn’t love a nice strong orgasm!

kamlesh lodhi

My girlfriend are fairly experienced in using a variety of butt plugs, although we’ve not used anything too large before. When we first unpacked this toy it was clearly quite a step up for us.
However, the toy is well designed, and despite its substantial size, the high quality of materials and the taper meant that with plenty of lube it wasn’t too difficult to insert. The sensations while inside are fantastic. The extra size on this toy definitely adds to the pleasure.
The only slight disappointment about this toy is the bullet vibrator – the settings are somewhat limited, and as it’s not waterproof you can easily break it whilst washing the plug after use. I preferred the plug without the vibrations. Just the size was more than enough to satisfy me!
So, overall this is an excellent plug for someone who is a bit experienced and wants to move to something larger.

Lokendra Bais

I ordered one of these to add to my butt plug collection, it came in the high standard discreet packaging I’ve come to expect from Tracy’s Dog.

Opening the parcel, I was faced with a bit of packing paper, then inside that was my butt plug in its outer box. I must say I’m really impressed with the boxes in the Tracy’s Dog range. They look very neat and the writing on them is very easy on the eye! It also came with a little instruction leaflet inside. Simple but informative.

I cleaned it first then lubed it up with water-based anal lube. I inserted it and was really amazed at how easy this one slides in. All I can say is it felt amazing and it finished me off with ease.

It is really a useful anal toy for anybody that wants to start off their anal toy collection. Maybe you will progress on to something bigger but you won’t be disappointed with this one!


It is a good size butt plug and I like the soft jelly-type material that it is made of. After the appropriate lubing, I gave it a testing.
It is fairly easy to accommodate if you are into anal play and once it gets past the ‘pop’ point slides in easily. I don’t think it would take to long to progress from a small plug to this. Whilst not massive, it does fill you quite well, but if you like stretching then you perhaps need to consider something else

Tulika Vishwakarma

I’d recommend this fabulous toy to those who are new to anal play, that want to take things a little further but aren’t yet comfortable in dramatically increasing the plug size. Before you use it for the first time, definitely play around with how the toy is controlled – so you understand and get the full use of each of its functions during your own playtime. It may be small, but don’t let that deceive you, as the vibrations are far from it! What’s great about this toy isn’t only the pleasure it gives me

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