10 Vibe Vacuum Automatic Masturbator


You can see yourself slowly inserting through the crystal silicone, while feeling the raised ridges, balls, and strips passing by, massaging your glans or penis. When you turn on the vibration mode, you can feel the different vibration positions and waves of the two motors, and you want to groan uncontrollably. Press the suction button, which makes your brain go blank! The penis is constantly being squeezed and suction, as if a real female mouth is sucking your penis, out of control! Orga m soon!

  • 4 vacuum sucking and clamping modes
  • 10 powerful vibration modes
  • Flip masturbator for cleaning
  • One key deflate button
  • Flexible to support the average size and slightly larger size


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10 Vibe Vacuum Automatic Masturbator

Combines the features of a vacuum sucking and clamping masturbator cups. The internal vacuum is formed by air out, and the outer pressure pads shrink and clamps at the same time. You will feel a completely female deep throat oral sex experience, skillful and realistic! 4 suction modes for choosing, it could be super tight and even litter painful in the strongest mode, but the one-key deflation button can help you.


There are super-stimulating internal details such as raised stimulating balls, long whiskers, and angular ridges. And the central symmetrical structure provides your bro with a rich layer of friction during use. The transparent high-quality silicone electric masturbator is not only enhancing your experience but also makes you more excited to see your strong penis and the friction with the particles!


2 super powerful motors provide an excellent vibration experience. The 10-frequency vibration mode provides a wealth of choices, and each mode has a strong sense of hierarchy. From your glans to penis, every inch of skin dances with the crystal elastic silicone of different shapes. The delicate vibration penetrates every cell, and the super stimulation reaches your cerebral cortex! That moment seemed to be the thrill and invigoration of riding a roller coaster!


In addition to powerful functions, its structure is also surprising. Detachable and can be flip open, you can see the crystal particles clearly. This also makes the application of lubricant and cleaning easier than ever, flip to drying also ensures that the internal dryness is not easy to breed bacteria. The external pressure pad can be directly controlled manually, so you can find the perfect squeeze and feel. Too hard to resist!