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Chastity Lock Online in India



As the name suggests, a chastity belt helps to maintain your chastity. It keeps you pure from unadulterated sexual activities by preventing sexual intercourse or even masturbation for the person wearing it.
Chastity belts owe their existence to the medieval period. The soldiers/male members of the household used to go on long-distance trips for war or business. It is natural for such males to worry about the women they leave behind in their homes. They do not like any harm to come to them. At the same time, they would also not like them to be sexually active with other men. It can sound conservative, but that is the way society works, isn’t it?
In today’s times, chastity belts serve a dual purpose. They protect women as well as men from sexual abuse while bringing in a new dimension of enjoyment when used in a particular manner.

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We stock a range of devices made from plastic for daily use, silicone for beginners or newcomers to chastity, and metal cages for serious, long-term wearers or those of us wanting a more extreme solution. There really is something for everyone, be it for a little bedroom fun, a hardcore play session in a full kitted dungeon, or to show your key holder just how committed you are to them.

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