Lovense Lush India

We are discussing here buying Lovense Lush in India, but before we start that we want to tell you something. Nowadays we focus on our working life more than our personal life. In this way, we are losing our personal love relationship, and thus is an effect on our personal life, our sex life as well as our conjugal life. Day by day we become victims of depression, separation, and it’s getting tough enough to take care of our sex life.

Lovense lush is the groundbreaking invention of science for them, who are really getting depressed in their sex life, and who want to spice up their sex life and want to enjoy in a different way the Lovense lush is nothing but a blessing to them. Lovense Lush first invented in 2015. It was the first vibrator that is controlled by an Apple Watch and gains immense popularity among sex toy buyers in India. Despite a massive success Lovense lush has not stopped to update itself. 

In 2018 the newest version has been launched and that has been changed keeping in mind the
convenience of customers. And the result was really eye-catching. In our country, they are a lot
of people who are separated by their partner for work, and we know very well who difficult to
maintain a long-distance relationship. In sex toys, Lovense lush is the finest and best product that able to keep up emotional attachment in partners.

You need to take some common precautions to use the LOVENSE LUSH. The details are given below.
1. Keep away from extreme heat and cold.
2. Do not use silicone or oil-based lube it can effect silicone
3. You must have to charge once in six months.
4. Do not use boiling water to clean.
5. Do not try to use the toy while charging.

Why most of the Indian people prefer Lovense LUSH?

…In India, still, now we are not as free about sex as other countries, so there are a lot of obstacles, unpublished feelings, and emotions, spread about
sex in Indian culture. Lovense lush is made with Indian culture in mind.!

This product is too handy to use, and it can be carried anywhere and easy to charge by USB cable and can be operated by Bluetooth and smartphone too from far away, so it’s a miracle invention for them who are staying far away from their partners. Using this product can remove their distance fence and feel their partners are with them not far away and can enjoy the ultimate limit of sex life you can use a lubricant to get the real feel.

In this way, they can keep their up beautiful sexual moments, emotions, as well as bonding of love relation more than before and spice up their sex life in different ways. There are three types of ply like Solo play, and Foreplay as well as Discreet public ply those can give the finest moment of happiness of sex. It can be used by partners and on your own.

Is LOVENSE LUSH safe to use?

Yes LOVENSE LUSH is safe to use in the human body. This product is clinically tested by certified doctors in the laboratory. Every time this product is being tested before launching in the market, so that customers can use this product without any hesitation. This product is made from medical silicone. So anyone can use this product and enjoy their sexual life.

Solo Play
Discreet Public Play

Why should people use LOVENSE LUSH in India in their daily life?


This product is very useful for them who are searching to give their sex life in different ways and discover the real and ultimate experience of sexual satisfaction. This product is able to fulfill your sexual desire, and with this product, you can achieve all your sexual needs no matter whether you have a partner or not.

So you can use this product anytime and anywhere if you want to fulfill your sexual desire in the absence of your partner. By this product, you can do Solo play or role-play with your partner.

It is also able to fulfill the gaps between you and your partner. Because this product has various types of features that make it the world’s most useable sex toy in India. 

It can be operated via different modes like throughout the smartphone, Bluetooth, by Remote, and even by their official app, that’s why this product sometimes called an app-controlled sex toy. You can use this product on your own or with your partner even if he/she is not physically present, that’s why people should use this product in their daily life.

What precautions should be taken to use the LOVENSE LUSH in India?

You need to take some common precautions to use the LOVENSE LUSH. The details are given below. 

  1. Keep away from extreme heat and cold.
  2. Do not use silicone or oil-based lube it can effect silicone casing.
  3. You must have to charge once in six months. 
  4. Do not use boiling water to clean. 
  5. Do not try to use the toy while charging.

From where can you purchase the LOVENSE LUSH in India?

It has always been difficult to buy sex toys; no one can get comfort to purchase those types of products from shops and any physical stores. So online is the most popular and right way to purchase sex toys. You can Buy Here

How to use the LOVENSE LUSH?

LOVENSE LUSH is very easy to use. It can be charged by USB cable, it is too easy to charge the device, you have to push the pin into the charging point then you can see the red indicator light turn on, and after fully charged the red indicator light turns off automatically. It takes 1.30 hours to charge. You can use around 2.30 to 3hours after charging this device. 

It has 7 vibrating modes you can operate by holding the button for 3-5 seconds and letting the indicator light begin to flash then you can use this according to your convenience. This device is washable you can use warm water and mild soap (or sex toy cleaner) to clean. This device is waterproof and too safe to use.  You can also visit YouTube for tutorial

LOVENSE LUSH has a long-distance controlling power so that you can control this device from far away and from any angle of range. There are three types of play mode which are Solo play, Role-play, and Discreet play so that you can use this device by own and with your partner, and you must have applied water-based lube to your body and on this product before insertion.

Features of LOVENSE LUSH.

LOVENSE LUSH is a wireless, wearable device whose excellent feature is able to fulfill and enhance your sexual stamina. LOVENSE LUSH Compatible With:iPhone/iPad/Air/iPad Mini/iPod Touch IOS 9.0and later

Android 4.3 and later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)

Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)

Windows PC (needs a Lovens USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect) and you can control your smartphone installing the app and you can control it from anywhere and anytime as well as any angle of the range in the world. You will get a one year warranty on this product.

There are 7 types of vibration mode where you can create your favorite custom vibration patterns and can save them to use again and again. You can sync the vibrator with your favorite music and enjoy a session of slow build-up with a tantalizing climax. Sound-activated vibration will help you to create a different environment in an entirely new way.

The highest sound level: 45.5 dB is a silent but powerful vibrating egg; this device is able to continuously use up to 2.5-3 hours after charging. It takes 1.30 hours to fully charge. It has Body-safe Materials and also IPX7 waterproof devices. There are three types of play modes which are Polo play, Role-play, and Discreet play so that you can use this device by yourself and with your partner. 


So in conclusion needless to say that the LOVENSE LUSH is a stunning invention in the sex toy world. Through which you can start to discover and keep on finding all the newer sexual fantasies and ultimate pleasure so that you can make your love life memorable with your own and with your partner.