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Discreetly package, No damage! Feels similar to the real thing have really enjoyed this product and was my first purchase of this product and was definitely not let down. So easy to clean, the bottom hole makes cleaning more cleaner. You can use corn starch instead of the official” powder” same exact thing just make sure you dry and powder it after each use or it dries out.


Kiss your hands good by and embrace a better, more efficient, and all-around pleasurable experience! Easy to clean with a rinsing of warm water. Either air dry or dry with an old clean shirt or towel. Can be turned inside out for easier cleaning. Place it back in its case and slap some corn starch on it to preserve it. Write it off before use.


This rotating dildo needs to be in your toy collection. It comes with remote control. It’s body-safe material. It’s easy to charge. It comes with a charger. It’s a lot of fun to use on myself and on others. Must buy!


What brought you here? We know you are looking for Sex Toys India, But before you buy any sex toys online from our sex store you need to know what is sex toys, how does it work and why should you buy sex toys? So let’s get started, Sex toy is a category of use by adult men and women that some use as aids in sexual activity. Plastic women and dolls made of rubber that can be infused with artificial penis or air are notable for sex. The purpose of this is to increase the sexual desire of men and women. However, because of their limited functionality, these materials are often referred to as toys.


We all don’t know how did sex toys come to India. But if you ever read Kamasutra then you will able to know how did sex toys come to India. Kamasutra was written by Indian philosopher Vatsyayana in the 4th century AD the world’s oldest tome on sex and its pleasures are peppered with so many details of sex toys in India that one begins to wonder if it was a small-scale industry in ancient India.

The section titled Aupanishadika talks about various kinds of apparatus used for sexual intercourse. That sex toys or sex aids were made of wooden, rubber, silver, iron, copper, ivory even horn. And even the Kamasutra says that when men have no sex partner they satisfy themselves with the sex dolls. But we were unknown about sex toys is really exist in India. Nowadays sex toys online in India are growing rapidly. 

With the internet revolution buying sex toys in India is easier, now many people of India are familiar with sex toys, and they are buying sex toys online in India every day. But still, lots of people don’t know what sex toys can do, or how many types of sex toys available online in India. But don’t worry at all, we are here to help you. Here at Thesextoysindia, you will find various types of sex toys for men, women, and couples. 


Whether you are alone or with your lady, there are so many sex toys available in our store. So we would recommend you to buy sex toys. Because sex toys have some extra ability to satisfy your sexual pleasure. If you are a beginner then we could suggest you buy a simple pussy toy, this will help you to masturbate. We are sure that you masturbate when you feel horny, if yes then use a pussy to masturbate we are 100% sure that you will feel that you are penetrating your penis into a women’s vagina. And you will feel original sex pleasure just like a couple can feel.  

We offer a wide range of men sex toys in India with the best quality and very cheap rate compared to other sex toys sites. We provide sex toys for men like Fleshlight, Pussy toys in India, Sex Doll online India, Penis Sleeves online India, Penis Pump online India, Penis Enlarger online in India.  We made sex toys online shopping in India very easy. So buy your desire male sex toys online in India from our sex toy store and enjoy your sex pleasure. 


Using women sex toys in India is not only good for your physical health, it can improve your blood circulation and muscle tone, it also has a positive effect on your mental well-being, which in general makes you feel more confident about sex and your body.

In fact, it’s great for you, you should invest in it by creating a new sex toy for yourself. We feel every woman deserves a sex toy for their regular sexual pleasure. Sex toys can help to increase more women’s orgasms. In the daily schedule, the maximum woman is not able to get their ultimate pleasure, and in some way men also unable to make their women happy in bed or sexual satisfaction. Thanks to sex toys that can help you to satisfy your sex desire and help you to reach maximum orgasm. 

In our sex toy store in India, you will get a huge collection of sex toys for women with world-class quality and the best price. We offer various types of women’s sex toys online in India such as. Vibrator, Masturbator for women, Dildo Online India, Strap on dildo online India, Sex machine online India, Vibrating panty online in India, Bullet vibrator, Rabbit vibrator, and many more. So buy women’s sex toys online in India from our sex shop and get free shipping, we provide 100% genuine sex toys online.


This is a category of sex toy which can us by both male and female. A couple of sex toys have an awesome ability to fulfill the sex pleasure of both males and females. So we would suggest to all couples of India to use couple sex toys in their regular sexual activity. It will help you to get more satisfaction in bed. In our sex toys store in India, you can buy various types of couple sex toys such as Butt plug online India, Bondage sex toys, Sex Swing, Blindfold, Handcuffs, Anal Beads, and many more. 


There is a lot of misconception about sex toys out there. Many people think that they will be replaced if they use sex toys in the bedroom. They also feel that something is wrong with them if they bring sex toy products into the bedroom. Or, they don’t need those products because they don’t have any issues in the bedroom, so why would they need them? Don’t worry here at Thesextoysindia your misconception will be cleared.

Do you or your partner worry that your sex toys will replace them? If so have no fear, let’s clear this misconception, sex toys, and partners serve two different purposes. Sometimes one might fill in for the other but flesh and blood and hands and lips, finger, and tongues cant be replaced by a motor and some silicone, metal, glass, or plastic. Some nights you might want one to get the job done quickly and other times you want cuddles and intimacy and to take your time.

And if you don’t believe, believe the statistics research shows about half of the women who use sex toys are actually in a relationship. They are using them to add more pleasure, fun, and playfulness to their sex life to increase sexual desire, orgasm frequency, and overall sexual satisfaction. And for some variety and newness, it’s not about one or the other, it’s about using both to enhance your sex life and your relationship. 

There is another misconception about a sex toy in India, is there something wrong with me or my partner if you use sex toys and adult products? We would say No there is nothing wrong with you and your partner, lets clear a common misconception about a sex toy that if you need a vibrator or sex toys to orgasm there is something wrong with you or your partner for you or with your partner for women in particular sex stories are a major part their sex lives.

This is because about 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm which means good in-and-out penetration is not gonna get the job done, except for a majority of women in fact a lot of people don’t even have their first orgasm until they use a vibrator.

Sex toys are designed to stimulate your pleasurable areas like the clitoris, G-spot, and Prostate. Plus they let you play and explore in ways you can’t always do with your partner so say you are monogamous but interested in having a threesome or double penetration. Sex toys can help or if you and your partner have smaller hands and struggle to reach and stimulate the g-sot and prostate those sex toys can help.

If you have disabilities that prevent stimulating yourself or your partner in ways that are enjoyable toys can help with that too. None of this example includes anything wrong with anyone they are just things that you want natural difference at the end of the day toys are just that tools meant to be played with. 

If you still think that your sex life is good, and why do you need an adult product or any sex toys? Do you think it is perfect? We would say No! Nothing is perfect, so don’t you want to make it better? If yes then know the main reason to use sex toys is the sex toys make sex and pleasure better, they add more fun and variety to sexual play. Sex toys help you and your partner to discover what’s feel good and what does not.

Sex toys also can help you explore new sensations that you might have never experienced before. No matter what kind of sexual play you are into, everyone can use benefit from using sex toys and adult products. Luxury sex toys and products are not as scary as you think.

They are discreet, which means that they don’t look like a sex toy, and therefore, are not as intimidating as they used to be. Personal lubricants make sex and masturbation more enjoyable. Sexual stimulants help the arousal process, especially for women, it takes women approximately 10-40 minutes to get arousedSex toys can only help you and your intimate moments…not hurt you! For people, who enjoying pleasure, living happier and healthier lives, there is nothing wrong or shameful about using these products. They will bring you closer to your partner as well as provide more intimate moments and FUN!


Sex toys online shopping in India is a very easy process. But before buy sex toys online in India The first thing you should keep in mind is that there are certain types of material that you should avoid when buying toys that you plan on placing on or inside sensitive bodily areas. While there are plenty of online sites that run legitimate businesses, there’s not much regulation regarding what chemicals can and cannot be used in adult toys.

In our online sex toy store in India, we offer original and genuine body-safe sex toys. Our all products are made of medical silicone and all are medically tested and we keep it discreet. So you can buy any sex toys online from our store without any hesitation and your products will be delivered with a fully discreet package and nothing will be written on the package about any sex toys-related content. And we provide 30 days replacement policy on every product. 


The popularity of buying sex toys in India online is increasing day by day. As we all know that sex toys open store is not available in India, therefor buying sex toys in India online is the only option for Indian people. In the last 5 years buying sex toys online in India has increased by 80%. Shopping for adult products in India online has created a new breed of customers that may have never existed otherwise. “sex toy India” is a very popular keyword That is the most searched for online marketing in India.

While individual reasons for online purchases may be unique, they generally fall into two distinct categories. Generally speaking, either customer simply doesn’t have easy access to adult toy stores, or they’re uncomfortable sharing their interest with friends and neighbors.

As more and more people discover the benefits of male sex toys, it makes sense that they’re seeking more variety and a greater selection.  Just as the vibrator is well known to be the most popular toy for women, the Fleshlight online India has quickly become the most popular male sex toy. No matter how simple, or extreme your sexual appetite might be, shopping for adult products online opens the doors to endless possibilities. 

Sex Toys in Delhi: Thesextoysindia

Thesextoysindia very happily caters to the sexual needs of this city. Delhi is certainly one of the top-ranking cities when it comes to purchasing sex toys from Thesextoysindia. The city with a rich cultural heritage prefers a lot of sex toys while having fun. Therefore, Delhiites believe in the use of adult toys to achieve sexual liberation. This is not just restricted to a certain gender. The atmosphere in Delhi regarding adult products is very liberal. Both men, women purchase sex toys and use sex toys in India. Sex toys in Delhi very popular marketplace for sex toys. This trend was again initiated by Delhi.

Sex toys Price:

Since we collect products from the direct manufacture, so our sex toys price is very low as compared to others website. That’s why we can provide any type of sex toys of your choice at a low profit. Our main goal is to satisfy customers and sell more products at a low margin. We sell sex toys at the lowest prices in India.


Thesextoysindia is one of the best Sex Toys Online stores in India, which allows adult people who want to spice up their sex lives and add more sexual fun. You can buy sex toys in India online from our store in a discreet way. Our main target is to provide high-quality branded Adult Products to Indian people. We have a wide range of different kinds of sex toys for Men, Women, and couples.

We provide a variety of Sex toys at a low price in India with a different shape, size, and color, so everyone can buy as per their needs.  Here, you will find different types of Sex Toys like Masturbator for men, Fleshlight, Pocket pussy, Sex Doll, Penis Sleeve or Cock Sleeve, Penis Pump, Prostate Massager, etc. for Men. And for women, there are Vibrators, Dildos, Sex machine, Nipples Clamp, Rabbit Vibrator, Bullet Vibrator, Vibrating Panty, Breast Enlarger, and many more. We also have Adult products in India for a couple like a Strapon dildo, Butt Plug, BDSM, Sex Swing, etc. You can visit our YouTube channel.

In Thesextoysindia we always concern about customer privacy, we are very much strict to provide customer safety. We never disclose any customer data to any third party, we discreetly ship every parcel. Here we build a good relationship with our customers so that they can trust us and we are bound to keep customer faith. We provide a very reasonable price of sex toys online in India compare to other vendors. You can get your best sex toys at very low prices from India’s best sex toys website Thesextoysindia.

Thesextoyindia provides you a medium to dissolve Taboos by encouraging sexual exploration and giving you the correct information about our products. All the products available here are of ultra-quality and 100% Legal. All these products don’t cause any irritation, allergies, or injury and moreover, they are completely safe for health and are eco-friendly.

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